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A dynamic business is one that grows and changes

My previous blogs on inside beauty have focused on healing within so that your inner beauty can flourish. But another aspect of bringing out the best in you is to recognize your talents and see what you can do with them. This is a dynamic process that grows and changes and it’s something I’m currently experiencing myself. 

If you read my story, you saw the challenges I had to fight through to get to where I am today. Last year, on Christmas Day, I announced the creation of my website Best and Beautiful You so that I could do two things. First, share beauty tips with my Avon products to bring out the best in your appearance. Second, use my life experiences, along with continued participation in Boundaries and PAL, to help you learn how to feel beautiful and heal inside. And it’s not just about me. In June and July my son, Bryan, blogged about the formidable obstacles of overcoming drug addiction, and what he’s doing now to turn his life around.

I can’t believe the response!

What started as a desire to help my readers be their best and beautiful selves is growing beyond my expectations. The comments and feedback coming from so many people is such a blessing! What I didn’t foresee was the requests for personal mentoring. Now I am not a psychiatrist or a counselor (nor do I charge their prices!) What I’m finding is that the need for personal attention is strong, and this is the shift I’m making in my business.

My blogs will continue to come out weekly because I do love sharing information with all of you. And I am excited to announce I’m adding scheduled consultations for those who would like or need personal one-on-one time.

Based on my experiences with several mentors, I can personally testify to the difference one-on-one coaching can make. As always, you can contact me with questions and learn more about what we can do together!


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