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Best and Beautiful You strives to help others become the best and beautiful people they were created to be – both inside and outside.

In 2006 I started my Avon business as a part-time endeavor because I needed the money. At the time I also had a full-time job…that is, until I was laid off. For the next several years, Avon would be the best thing going on in my life.

I now have a team I work with and continue to grow both personally and professionally in my business.

Mary Kominska

Mesa, AZ

Support Resources

Centered For Life

Part of my growth is due to finding outside resources to help me build my business and self-esteem. For example, one of the truths I learned is how bad habits come from a lack of boundaries. In my blog, I go into more detail as to how I learned this and what it has done for me.

Currently the Boundaries class is held over Zoom to ensure proper physical distancing.

Celebrate Recovery and Parents of Addicted Loved Ones are other Support Groups available that work closely with Boundaries. View all resources at the link below.


The Life of Mary K

Here is the latest and greatest from my blog! If you’d like to read my past posts check out the link below.

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