Refrigerator Odor Eliminator

Bring out the best in your refrigerator

When it comes to keeping your refrigerator smelling fresh, like most people, you too put that box of baking soda with the top cut off on a shelf and try not to knock it over. For me, it’s Scott’s salsa ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, he makes terrific salsa! But the same ingredients that make it taste great also give off an “aroma” that along with the other foods really affects me. Since I’m blind in one eye, my other senses are heightened. Most people I know do like to keep their refrigerators fresh. Avon has an answer to that awkward box prone to spills.

Homestar Odor Eliminator for Fridge works better for me than anything else. Once again, Avon has a product that’s easier to use, saves money, and is ecologically responsible. First, it uses persimmon and eucalyptus extracts to neutralize fridge odors. And instead of a powder, it’s a gel that dissipates over time, making it less susceptible to making a mess. Once it’s gone, the plastic container it comes in is recyclable. As a result, I save time and money.

Here’s how.

If you look at traditional odor eliminators, you’ll find they only last a month. Initially, they cost less, but then have to be replaced more often. Homestar says it will last up to three months, but as usual, Avon under promises and over-delivers. I’m finding my gel lasts longer than three months and has even worked as long as six months. Because of this, I don’t have to replace it as often. And again, if you want to be kind to the earth, you don’t use as many containers – and even those can be recycled!

I don’t know about you, but I love products that work and save time, money…and the earth! 


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