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Drug treatment – not all rehabs are alike

Possibly the most misunderstood aspect of drug addiction is how to break the hold it has on people. As I described in my story, it took years for me to make a clean break. And in my last blog, I talked about Bryan – who is in rehab for the fourth time. But this one looks different.

Now if there’s one thing I have learned – it’s not to say “Here’s the answer” or “This will end it for sure.” But this time it is more personal. It goes deeper than simply getting off drugs and doing the traditional “12 steps.” Here, in his own words, Bryan tells us why he believes he is changing his outlook on his life.

“Most rehabs are typically in hospital settings and you have little to be grateful for when you’re in that mindset. The simple fact that you wake up and can make your own coffee; go outside without being “helicoptered”; plus have an absolutely amazing view, is wonderful. The fact that I could listen to my own music helped keep me focused on the prize. I know that it may seem minuscule in comparison, but how they are set up is very similar to a sober living environment. It helps put you back in a mindset that you are worth more than the drugs that led you to your knees.

Furthermore…there is a maximum of 10 patients allowed in the facility. Most places have a MINIMUM of 20 patients and it’s difficult/frustrating to get the one-on-one you need.

Like other addictions, drug rehab is based on 12 Steps to recovery. But other places tend to jump into the entire program which can be overwhelming. Here we break it down and work on the steps at an individual pace. This helps me to think differently.

I choose this center due to the fact that I had a lot of trauma that I had suppressed. One of my absolute favorite things about being here was the fact that they helped me find my independence…by focusing on my boundaries, self care and love addiction versus love avoidance. By giving me insight into being a “caretaker,” I could see myself more clearly and how I can improve upon that.”

Everyone responds to programs in their individual ways. There is no guarantee this is a permanent change, but like Bryan says…

“You are worthy of a new beginning and this place afforded me the opportunities of a lifetime to be successful in my recovery.”


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