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How clean is your water bottle?

Ever notice how complicated it is to stay hydrated?  First, we know it’s important to drink lots of water every day. Also important is water quality. One answer is to buy bottled water. Yet there are reports that even bottled water isn’t always the best, plus it creates a lot of plastic waste. Tap water is cheap but may not be healthy and usually doesn’t taste good. So if you’re like me, you filter your water and drink from a re-usable bottle. But there is one more problem. Since my bottle cannot be put in the dishwasher, I need to be sure it’s clean.  I used to use a bottle brush and tried to clean it thoroughly. But was it completely clean?

Happily, I found a better way.

I decided to try a product that is fairly new in our portfolio of products. Morning Aura Bottle Cleaner is a tablet you add to your bottle filled with water to break down any residue and stains. You leave it for two hours and rinse. This cleans any residue you can’t reach with a bottle brush. It’s important to me because I now feel like the inside surface of my bottle is completely clean. And it’s easier than using a brush!

As usual, I like to test everything before I promote it, and I wanted to use it on cups and glasses that I could see inside and out. It worked on everything except for one – my favorite coffee cup that has held a lot of coffee and tea over the years. This cup did require two tablets to fully remove the stain; but it looks as good as new now!  Currently, Morning Aura Bottle Cleaner only has three reviews; but all are 5-star ratings. If you’re looking to completely clean not only your water bottles, but coffee makers, carafes, and thermoses, Morning Aura Bottle Cleaner is the best way to clean and re-use your containers while keeping your drinks safe.


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