Making 2023 a Better Year – Part 2

Last month you heard about my business trip to New York. Our new CEO, Hyeyoung Moon, brought the corporate and field teams together to address customer service and care so we can keep Avon a top-notch company. Professionally it was an incredible experience and I hope you have taken the opportunity to look at our digital flippable interactive brochure.

While I loved participating in exciting meetings with other professionals, what I didn’t expect was to grow personally as well. Keep in mind that at the time, I was listening to a book called 100 Days to Brave and was 24 days into it when I took off to New York…

If you would rather watch and listen on YouTube – Click Here

Historically, meetings like this are intense and I spend my free time in the hotel when I travel without my husband.     Then as soon as it’s over, I typically book the first plane out in the morning to head home.    This time, I booked a later flight – not knowing why. The only place I wanted to visit was Ground Zero which was located across the street from the corporate office.

Fortunately, during the meetings, I became friends with Chasadie (yes, that’s the correct spelling) who had never flown before in her almost 50 years of life.       We realized that we were flying out of the same airport and her flight was only an hour after mine. We agreed to share a taxi on Saturday after checkout at noon.

However, Friday evening we discovered that we both wanted to go to Ground Zero and agreed to do it together.  I also told her that my friend David from back home said to make sure I tried out a “New York” deli before leaving. We decided to find one close by and get breakfast. Our date was set. (By the way, I do recommend going to Ground Zero. It’s truly an emotional experience).

On the way from the deli to Ground Zero she wondered if I was up for going to Times Square. At Ground Zero, we asked a security guard how far it was to Times Square.      He pointed a couple hundred yards away and said “take the subway and you will be there in 15 minutes.”     We looked at each other in disbelief and she said “Are you game? “ (Since I was not familiar with eastern cities and their public transportation,   taking the subway for even a short ride was a big deal for me!)

I replied, “We are on a Jesus Journey so let’s go!!!”     With the subway system in New York, it’s astounding how quickly you can go from one destination to another in such a short time. After Times Square, we still had time to spare.   So we rode to a stop where we could at least view the Statue of Liberty.  Even though we couldn’t physically get to Ellis Island, in one morning we managed to travel to four destinations, one of which included breakfast!

Thanks to Chasadie, I did and saw so much more than I would have done on my own
Now I have a request from you.  If you have had an experience where you did more than what you ever expected, I would love to hear about it. Call or text 480-684-2866…or contact me HERE to share it. If you like, I would be happy to put it on the website so others can gain from it.

P.S. One more reminder that warm weather is on its way. If you haven’t tried it yet, I do recommend Skin so Soft for nourishing your skin while you deter those mosquitoes!


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