Mascara that goes on right the first time

When you purchase a new mascara, what happens the first couple of times you apply it? If you’re like me and most of the women I talk to, you try to comb your lashes as lightly as possible. Yet no matter how gently you do it, you still end up with the inevitable gob that hangs onto a lash, or have several lashes stuck to each other.  Both scenarios are frustrating and take time to repair.
Today I’m delighted to share with you a new mascara recently added to Avon’s portfolio of products. It bypasses that clumping stage, giving you relief from those first few applications of “mascara maneuvering!”
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FMG Cashmere Ultimate Volume Mascara lets you create the lashes we all love – starting from the first application! This is possible due to the unique triple sphere brush that hugs your lashes without weighing them down or clumping them together. And once it’s on, you don’t have to worry about smudges which are the nightmare of so many other products. I love how the formula with its rich black pigment gives you the advantage of wearing a mascara that has extreme staying power.  Check out my picture for the proof.
Unlike most mascaras, this one leaves your lashes feeling soft and natural from the time you apply it, until it’s time to be removed. And unlike other long-wearing mascaras, this vegan formula does come off easily. Finally, if you’re like me and concerned about how it was tested, just like other Avon products this one is cruelty-free. There’s no reason animals should have to suffer to make us look good.

As long as I’m talking about an Avon product, I’ll remind you that Avon has a fool-proof way to test whatever product you’re interested in. And another announcement…. we have a new digital flippable brochure that mimics the paper one!!!! This includes the Virtual Try-On tool I introduced back last August. You will also find how-to and product videos as well as add to your cart options!!! Here you go!!!!. Check it out and let me know what you think.  I’m available for you so HERE and of course, call or text 480-684-2866 if you would like a consultation.


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