Shopping for the person who has everything

All right – I know it’s a cliché. So take a minute and think about the people you are shopping for this Christmas. Maybe you don’t know everyone who has everything, but chances are you know someone who does. It’s why I’m so excited about a new product from Avon. And yes, it’s something that I use daily.
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Before I go on, let me ask you this. When was the last time someone noticed how good your skin looks?
No matter how careful you are, we know that the effects of aging, sun exposure, and air pollution take a toll on your skin. If you can afford it, you may get an occasional professional facial to cleanse and revitalize. But who can do this on a regular basis these days?

Believe it or not, with less than a couple of minutes in the morning, you can get an exfoliation that rivals professional treatments and bring out the best in your skin – for a lot less time and money. And why is exfoliation so important?

First of all, your skin renews itself about every 28 days, yet it doesn’t always look renewed. Exfoliation changes that in four ways. First, it speeds up the process. This tightens your skin, shrinking the appearance of pores over time. It also stimulates your skin’s surface to make it look more radiant and preps the skin to better absorb the serums and moisturizers you already use.
Avon now has a Face Pop that can do all of this for you.  While there are other products out there, I recommend this one for a few reasons.

As the picture shows, it comes on an angled stand to let the excess water drain off. This dries it faster and keeps it cleaner. Whether you use this at the sink or in the shower (I have two so there’s one in each place) after you cleanse, all you have to do is rinse it off and place it in the stand.
It’s also programmed to automatically turn off after 70 seconds and the charge last for a few months, It only takes a small amount of cleanser. In fact, you’ll use a lot less with the Pop than when you cleanse by hand.

And it works on any type of skin, even sensitive skin. Avon provides a guide on how to maximize your results. We even recommend specific cleansers to help you choose which is best for you. (Personally – I use Mission Luxereve Foaming Wash and belif Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser ).) The type of cleanser used is critical because you DON’T want to use one that already has exfoliation benefits!

I know Avon has really done the research on this.

So here’s the question – how many of your friends or family would like to look their best every day? Due to the special pricing right now, I already have orders coming in from customers – both for personal use and Christmas gifts. And while I’m on Christmas, the first two seasonal catalogs are available. As usual, both have great ideas to make your shopping easier. There’s no cost or obligation to get both, so contact me HERE or call or text 480-684-2866. I’ll be happy to see you have them in plenty of time.

P.S. At least request a catalog as well as information to learn more about the benefits of exfoliating. No matter what you use, you’ll love the comments a consistent facial treatment will bring.


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