The best way to approach people easily

Where does your mind go when I say the word “salesperson?”  These past two months may have been focused on my journey of starting a business. However, we all tend to sell something every time we connect with others.  Think about restaurants. You try out a new restaurant and love it. What do you do next?  You want to share it -in other words – sell it to your friends!! Guess what? You are a salesperson.

What if I told you making a sale could be even easier?

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It starts with how you look on the outside. It’s human nature to have a positive response when approached by others who look good. When you know you look good on the outside, you definitely feel better inside. That’s why I’m sharing my morning routine that puts my “best” face forward every time I talk to others.

Naturally I use Avon products that I believe in. I start with washing my face with Mission Luxereve foaming wash. Next, I apply Mission Luxereve Essence, then Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum to my face.  This is followed by Isa Knox Anew Collagen Booster, a Dual Eyelift System for my eyes. The last step is Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

Sounds like a lot? Actually, it isn’t. Every morning you probably wash your face and apply a moisturizer and SPF. That’s three steps you’re doing already. I’m simply adding two extra steps; a serum plus an eye treatment to enrich my skin. How would you feel if taking a couple of extra moments could make you not only have you look your best, but even look a little younger?

That’s why the extra steps after cleansing are so important. We all know how good Vitamin C is for us. The AnewBrightening Serum goes on easily, but needs a few moments to dry.  I use that time to brush my teeth (which is also part of my daily routine) and/or make the bed. Since eyes are so critical to how we look, the EyeliftSystem makes my eyes feel firmer that gives me a lift. And the Skinvincible is invaluable in protecting my skin from the sun.  It contains retinol that targets dehydrated skin and wrinkles.

I do this routine every morning and one thing my husband Scott tells me is how I’m looking younger as he ages! While men can get away with wrinkles, we all want to hold on to our youthful looks as long as we can. And with other tasks I can do around the house as my skin absorbs healthy nutrients (which is why I do this even on “at home” days) it really doesn’t take long to be ready to face the world! If you have any questions about these products, or wonder what else I get done during my routine, text or call me at 480-684-2866.

Next, I’ll share finishing my look with a few steps that are also quick and easy to do. As a bonus, I’ll review Avon’s Virtual Try-on tool. This allows you to “try on” a full face of makeup that guarantees your best look on the very first try.


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