The roller coaster ride Part 1 – why does life have to be so rocky?

Previously I asked you if you had a mentor and if so, how did they help you? I also shared that my mentor, Barb, had passed away and the changes that came with this life event. If you read my last blog, you already know that Ron, Barb’s husband wanted to sell her business only to me. This gave me an opportunity, but once again, the transition wasn’t easy.
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First of all, I didn’t know the first step about how to accomplish the purchase. Yet I would learn a lot.  I started by talking to a few other Avon leaders and managers. After evaluating their answers, I came up with a price of $30,000.  The deal Ron and I made was that after each campaign (which is every two weeks) the first $500 of my check from Avon would be paid to him.

In order for me to give enough attention to the business, I needed to make an adjustment to my corporate job. At that time, there was no accommodation for part-time work in my department even though it was available in other areas. This meant I had to fight to get part-time hours so I could still get some benefits while I built my Avon business.

My efforts to go part-time paid off and I started 2012 with a lot going for me. I had expanded my Avon business with the purchase of Barb’s business, I had secured part-time work at my corporate job and my husband, Beau was also employed.  Who is Beau you ask?

Yes, I believe in all the blogging I’ve done, I may not have mentioned Beau – my second husband. I’ll share more in my next blog. And you’ll also find out how 2012 would become a pivotal year.

As for now, how well is your life going? I know that for me and others, it is not always going how we desire. However, if you feel you may be veering off course, it’s a good time to talk to someone. You can contact me HERE, or even call or text me with a question at 480-684-2866. What’s important is not to isolate yourself by trying to put on a good “outside” when you’re crashing inside. As you’ll see shortly, I’ve “been there, done that” and am happy to listen.


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