True beauty starts with good skin – how to make yours glow

Nothing brings out beauty better than a creamy, peachy complexion. Cosmetic companies shower us with a blizzard of ads promising better skin with their brand. So you buy it, use it as described and voila – nothing’s changed. Every year people spend millions of dollars – hoping the next cleanser or cream will make them look more like those perfect models in the ad. Spoiler alert!! Some of that perfection is helped by creative photography.

For years I did the same thing. I tried different brands, attended sessions with department store consultants, and bought low, medium, and even high-priced products…only to be disappointed. 

It wasn’t until I started using products offered by Avon that I realized why. I’ll share with you how Avon changed my skin with not just products, but the training on how to use them and why it makes a difference. After you read this, you will see how to improve your skin and feel better within.

First, it’s important to set aside time twice a day for good skin care. For me, morning wasn’t a problem. But I skimped on evening time. You know how it is. After 14 or more hours a day taking care of others, you’re just too worn out to take care of yourself. Avon showed me how this was hurting my skin. 

Nighttime is when your skin repairs itself. It’s why preparing it before going to bed is so critical. In order to make the most of nature’s repair process, you need to cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize.

Second, I had to rethink how important my personal time is. So I set up a regime that takes less than 15 minutes a night.  Not only did this help my skin, it helped me realize how important my personal time is. After all, 15 minutes is miniscule compared to the hours I focus on others, right?

Here’s how I do it. I take off my makeup with Anew Micellar water while waiting for the water in the tap to get warm and then I wash my face with belief jelly cleanser or Physiogel Dermo-cleanser. While it’s drying, I brush my teeth. Next, I apply Isa Knox eye serum along with Isa Knox serum for my face. While that is soaking in, I floss. Last step is belief aqua bomb and Green Goddess facial oil. (I will a couple times a week also use Isa Knox collagen booster or a mask) Now my skin is ready to be repaired as I sleep.

Naturally, as an Independent Avon representative, I use products Avon carries. We offer a range of products for different types of skin and different budgets. Be sure that whatever product you use, make sure you do it right and consistently.

Recently a friend from my past reached out to me on Facebook and asked for a skin consultation. This is not a sales call, it is a conversation. And if you’re interested in talking to someone who will listen and be with you on the journey, I would love to be that person for you simply click HERE

I hope reading this not only encourages you to learn what works best for you, but helps you establish the “me” time we all deserve. Whether the issue is time, product or both; let’s chat!  I’m happy to help you bring out the best in your complexion so you can be the best and beautiful you that YOU were created to be!!!!

Look for the next Outside blog where I will share my Morning Routine!!!


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