Unlock your “Start up” mentality

We all have a will to be creative. We can’t help it, it’s in our DNA. Today I’m going to continue last month’s blog about entrepreneurship. Now you may ask “What if I don’t want to be an entrepreneur?” That’s OK. No matter what you’re doing with your life, the “ahas” I gained from the last GLS (Global Leadership Summit) seminar apply to any aspect of life.

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Let’s begin with the “start up spirit.” It’s not only about starting a business. It’s about making shifts, even tiny ones in your behavior that can have an outsized impact in how you live. Often people tell me they don’t want to be in sales. Yet we sell ourselves every day.

Think about it. Even a mother “sells” her kids on the idea of dressing for school or cleaning their rooms.  Trust me; it’s much easier to get kids to move when they are sold on the idea of doing it!
So whether it’s business or personal, dare to make a switch. Instead of you being the seller of an idea or product; be the customer. How do you like to be treated by others? How do you like to receive information? Regardless of what your life goals are when you take note of your interactions with others – it’s easier to see that your actions do impact them.

Now when it comes to starting a business, many of us unconsciously shut off the entrepreneur within us. What we need to do is switch the “startup mindset” on. How? Get out there and let the creativity come out naturally!  Don’t feel you need to have all the answers. Instead, give yourself permission to ask stupid questions. Think of yourself as a tourist in a new city. Observe everything and see what needs to be changed. Remember when I said to do something you truly believe in? It’s because when you believe in your product, you already understand how it can make positive changes for yourself and your customers.

So far I’ve specifically talked about mothers and entrepreneurs. What about those who work in the corporate world? The same ideas apply. If you have an idea about your job, it is not enough to simply have the idea. Act on it to move it forward and give it momentum.  Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing badly. And don’t wait for perfection. If you do, it won’t happen. Perfection is an illusion. Work towards making progress rather than perfection. For example, a mentor said to me years ago “You are full of great ideas. When are you going to put them into action?” Thanks to that hard-loving truth, I now tell you what I have done…not what I am going to do.

Entrepreneurship is about taking a good, deep-down look at the person you see in the mirror. We all have a star where we belong – and we will shine. It’s our life purpose to find it and know that every day…whatever we do…we make a difference for someone else. Unlocking your “start up” mindset is not only about business success; it’s about personal growth and greatness.

By now I’m sure you can see how enthusiastic I am about this! I love learning new ideas on how to find my purpose and expand my personal life along with my business. If you or anyone you know wants to talk about how to do the same or to get started, contact me HERE or call/text me at 480-684-2866. I believe we’re in an exciting new era. Let’s see how we can make the most of it in the future!!

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