What does it take to give birth to a business? Digging a little deeper

Continuing from my last blog on getting started as an Avon representative, I emphasized three things:  need, luck, and persistence.  Now that you see what initially drove me; let’s see if I can turn that around to show you what you can do…

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First, I’ll start with need. As you know, I had to make more money just to survive. If you’re in that situation, you already know how that feels. But what if this doesn’t apply to you?

Maybe you’re tired of answering to others and would like to be your own boss. How would that feel? Maybe you have a personal goal to achieve – but are holding back because you think you can’t. How would you look at yourself differently if you did accomplish it?

Need doesn’t always have to be money related. Making your own decisions for work is compelling. Having a sense of accomplishment…whether or not it’s related to a job can be just as strong.

Understanding your need for change helps you stay focused. It keeps you going through tough times…and there will be times when it’s hard. But it’s also worth it.

Next is luck. It’s common to look at successful people and think they are just lucky. But luck is out there for anyone to grasp, including you. This is about listening. For me, hearing my supervisor suggest Avon surprised me. It also planted the ‘seed’ to do something else.

And I’m not the only one. I have a friend who was a lab tech and thought this would be her job until retirement.  One day a friend told her she should be in sales. Like me, the comment surprised her. Yet it planted an idea and although it took a few years, she eventually was hired on with a medical diagnostic company. With the help of a good manager, she even made Sales Rep of the Year.   

Others see us differently than we see ourselves. They recognize talents we don’t know we have. Luck isn’t winning the lottery or having an opportunity fall in your lap. Yes, sometimes it happens. More frequently it’s being open to possibilities and listening to what others tell you. We have a tendency to believe the negatives and skip past the positives. Turn that around and you may be surprised at how much good comes out of it.

The last aspect is sometimes the hardest to execute. It’s persistence. To succeed in any endeavor, you have to be willing to work at it. Remember when I said it took three tries to get a response from Avon, and then the first person to sign me up disappeared? What’s important is that I kept trying, which led to the email from Barb to attend Sylva’s meeting.

I will share more of what I learned from Barb and Sylvia in the future. For now; I would really love to know if this is helpful. As you can see, I’m approaching 2022 differently than last year, and it’s important to know how beneficial it is to you. Feel free to click here to let me know whether it’s a “thumbs up” or not. Thanks in advance for taking the time!


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