When it comes to being your best inside and outside – think Collagen

When you hear the word ‘collagen,’ what comes to mind? 

For one thing, it has soared in popularity as an anti-aging product…and for good reason. Tons of people have already reported younger looking skin by adding it to their daily regime. What’s also true is that collagen is good for the rest of your body. And when your body is healthier, you look even better. Let me explain.

Along with improved skin, collagen supports joint and muscle health, possibly prevents bone loss… and is good for your heart.  Don’t take my word for it. Google collagen and you’ll find a number of health sites saying the same thing. (Trust me, I checked!)

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. Avon’s Collagen Booster Powder uses marine collagen peptides to improve your skin’s elasticity, which improves your skin tone with fewer wrinkles. And since it does this for your skin, just think of what it does for your tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Adding Collagen to your diet is also easy. What I do each morning is put one scoop of Collagen Booster Powder in my first cup of coffee. It dissolves quickly and completely without changing the flavor of the coffee.  Others have told me they put it in milk, juice, even drinking water. I was skeptical about this at first, but it really is “invisible” when added to what you’re already drinking. 

There is one caveat.

The changes collagen makes to your skin and body doesn’t happen immediately. For me, it took two and a half months to see the difference; but I am seeing the results now. These days, my husband tells me he’s looking older while I keep looking younger! (FYI – I use it and he doesn’t.)So be patient. 

I call Collagen Booster Powder the “double-duty” supplement that enhances the best and beautiful you. After all, what other products can you think of that improve both your inner and outer beauty at the same time?

And here’s a heads up about next week.

I’m going to do something completely different. (Hint – I’m going to ask for your help.) Based on the feedback I’m getting, I know people like a lot of what I’m writing. I also know I could be better – and want to hear what you think. So stay tuned!


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