You are an influencer – Part 2 Creating a Great Culture

Last month I started this series by sharing how you are an influencer whether you know it or not. Today let’s explore how to create a positive culture so your influence can uplift others. It starts with what you think, do, and say. Here’s how.

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There are two qualities that influencers need today. The first is love.
In order to influence people today, you have to really love them.  Remember, love is a verb which makes it an action, not simply a word. It’s called “loving tough” which is not the same as “tough love.” If you look up the definition of tough love, you’ll see something like this…

…promotion of a person’s welfare by enforcing certain constraints on them. Requiring them to take responsibility for their actions…

Notice the words “promotion, enforcing, and requiring.” This is not loving tough. In order to influence those around you, it’s important to really love them along the way. When they understand that you do love them, it makes them more willing to follow you and the example that you set.

The second quality is accountability. Instead of enforcing constraints and requiring them to take responsibility, you challenge them to do so. This means you still push and hold them accountable, which probably sounds difficult. Yet you do this by setting the example so they can see how to follow you.

As I said at the beginning, you create a culture by what you think, say, and do. This is why communication is so important. In a previous blog, I talked about leaning too heavily on emails and texting. While these are invaluable means of communication, they don’t convey voice tones and expressions. Nothing beats face-to-face communication to detect facial and body language. If this is not physically possible, try Zoom or video chat options. It really is important to be able to see each other.

Good communication creates the opportunity to exchange values and beliefs. It’s a time to talk about actions, either something that you did – or giving positive reinforcement for an action they took. Doing this creates a safe and positive culture regularly.

I have additional resources that I can recommend to you.  All it takes is a call or text at 480-684-2866. However, don’t drown yourself in too much information.  We don’t need more information, we need transformation. And what is transformation? This is something we can talk about!

Being an influencer is a learning journey and it is a wonderful one. We have the power to be a positive influencer once we know what we’re capable of accomplishing. Coming up next month, I’ll share a number of tips on how to be even more effective.  As always, you can contact me HERE to share a story, ask a question, or to schedule a coaching session.


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