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Your relationship with your hair – are you two getting along?

No matter where you live, you probably have issues with dry hair. First, shampoo companies promote washing hair too often to ensure your hair is clean and looks good. The problem is – it strips away your natural oils which conditioners can’t fully replace. And then there are hair dryers. Using a hairdryer adds even more stress. Finally, there’s the outdoors – especially dry climates like Arizona. Any place where the humidity is low adds yet another challenge to maintaining pretty, healthy-looking hair.

Here’s the good news. You can take actions that put you in control and make your hair one of your best assets. It starts with shampoo.

Our hair tends to adapt to the products we use. So if you have a shampoo you use all the time, your body adapts to it making it less effective over time. Periodically changing shampoos helps your hair respond better when it’s washed. The dilemma is how many choices are available – and where do you start?

Let’s see how I can make this easier. You probably choose a shampoo geared toward your type of hair. So if your hair is fine, you look for a shampoo that gives you more volume. If you tint your hair you may choose one that won’t interfere with the color.

For me, it’s fine hair. I have experimented with many shampoos over the years and found a combination of two Avon shampoos that have brought me a number of compliments. One is Chi Essentials Replenishing Shampoo and the other is Elastine Propolithera Volumizing Shampoo. Yes – I sell Avon and of course it’s what I recommend. I know Avon only offers quality items.

But I’m also a consultant. My first and foremost goal is to help people look and feel their best both inside and out, not do a hard sell. So if you have a good shampoo combination, stay with it. If not, don’t buy a dozen shampoos to find out what works best. Talk to me first! Use my experience to get the healthy hair everyone wants the easiest way possible. 


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