Expanding my stage What this could do for you

This month I have an important announcement to make. It’s something that has taken me many years to create.

I am excited to officially announce…drum roll please… a 4-week course that you, and everyone you know, will be able to attend in person or virtually…beginning in January. It’s born out of a culmination of my personal life experiences, my involvement with Boundaries, plus all the trainings and certifications I completed over the past five years. I am sure you have read my story so you probably know how much I had to overcome – plus the many reasons for the success I’ve achieved. One of which was being a student, and then a facilitator for Boundaries. For me, facilitating Boundaries has come to an end…

…yet the journey continues.

If you would rather watch and listen on YouTube – Click Here

My faith – and some key people who have helped me (and continue to do so) have brought me to the point where it’s time to share this with others.  It’s a dream that has been inside me for years, and it took a few people speaking into me to make it come to life. I had to be willing to listen…and then take action.

The result is TEA: Thoughts guide our Emotions, and Emotions influence our Actions. For instance…

 Do you struggle to find enough time for yourself?

Is it too hard to say ‘no’ to people? Or do you resent saying ‘yes?’

Do you struggle to find joy in everyday life?

Do you wrestle with feelings you don’t know how to handle?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this course is for you. Join me on this 4-week journey designed to improve your awareness…and give you tools you can use in everyday life.

I include learning these strategies to make your life more rewarding:

·         Self-care is how you take care of yourself so that you are free to be the best and beautiful you.

·         Learn to be aware of your thoughts and how to “flip the script.”

·         Let Boundaries give you the freedom to love yourself and others.

Come see how to identify, set, communicate, and follow through on your boundaries.

I will offer this 4-week course three times a year in person in Mesa and by Zoom three times a year as well.  I made every effort to make this as easy and affordable as possible…and I think you’ll agree!

With six different options throughout the year, my hope is for you to invest in yourself so you can be the best and beautiful you that you were created to be.

Spots are limited so click here to register. Or feel free to contact me here or by phone at 480-684-2866 with any questions you may have.

P.S. I also offer very affordable 1-to-1 life coaching, and this program can help you determine if there’s more you may want to pursue.


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