Learn to PIVOT and embrace the change

Back in August, I talked about the dynamic changes happening in my business and personal life. Today’s blog again illustrates the importance of being able to pivot – and have the faith that things will work out the way they’re supposed to.

This past summer, a new leaf (an organization that helps families and changes lives) asked me to share my testimony of Bryan’s and my recoveries from addiction. We recorded a video that was to be presented at their 50 year celebration on October 23rd.

Funny story.

During the taping, we had some problems with flies. (Remember how buggy it was here in Arizona?) As good as the editors were – they could not eliminate the flies. I received a call a week before the event.  Jim asked me if I remembered the Mike Pence fly video from last year.  I said I did.  He then asked me what Mr. Pence said and I said I have no idea, I only remember the fly.  He said well that is what will happen with you and Bryan’s video and it will take away from the powerful message you have.  I was asked if I would be willing to go live on stage!! After a quick pause and prayer, I said yes (knowing I would be doing it afraid!!)

I do speak in front of groups frequently, but this was different…and a little scary. Plus I had to tell Bryan (who is not accustomed to being on a stage) about the change.

I knew I had to practice what I was going to say – plus prepare Bryan. I told him we would be on stage together, elbow to elbow, and that he didn’t have to talk. He was relieved when I shared this with him, but I know getting up on stage was still major. I am extremely proud to say we pulled it off. He even asked if he could say a few words after I was done! They did record us that night and I will have it on my site for you to see as soon as it’s available.

As I’ve talked about in the past, the ability to pivot and embrace the change is empowering. I’m proud to say that Bryan and I have enough trust in each other to let things work out the way they are supposed to. In the future, I’ll talk more about a new leaf and why I believe so strongly in what they do. For now, I hope this event shows you how embracing and making a change can work for you.

P.S. There’s one more thing to tell you that can’t wait. In my next blog I’ll share an opportunity that will not only save, but could make some extra money for you this Christmas season. Stay tuned!

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