Roller Coaster Whiplash – the upside

How does day-to-day living look for you? Earlier this month I shared how I endured pain so tremendous that I considered leaving this earth. Yes, there are times when pain is unbearable. Yet with pain comes learning. Today, I hope you’ll see what I learned…and how I turned things around.
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But first, let’s start with my dogs.

Leaving my marriage and my home to move in with a friend was a huge step. At the time I did have other family members, but I had already pushed them away. (You see, hurt people tend to hurt others.) So when it came to personal relationships, I was left with my dogs who, as we know, can be our best friends. Duke and Duchess were no exceptions. One thing I had to consider was that if I was gone, who would take care of them? Seriously, their future was important to me.

I still had the friend who I moved in with – although living together would eventually break that friendship. Remember, we have people who come into our lives for reasons and seasons, lessons, and blessings…some are short, and some are long. Letting go and grieving those who are still alive is still the hardest thing for me to do as I continue through my journey.

As you can see, I was really struggling. Therefore, if your life feels like this, think about those around you. How would life change for them if they had to go on without you?

So I had my dogs and at the time, a friend. Then there was Avon. This was the rock that supported me (and the dogs). As you’ve read before, I‘m happy to share how much this company has done for me. What you may not know is that it isn’t the only business I tried. Earlier in my life, I sold candles, home décor, and baskets. Yet how many candles and baskets do people really want to buy? Avon lasted due to the range of products that actually get used – and need to be reordered.

This past June I celebrated 16 years as a rep and continue to be as excited about the company and products as I was when I started. If you had asked me 16 years ago if I could have made a living; traveled from the Bahamas to Alaska on all-expense paid trips; and met so many wonderful people who became family through a company, the answer would have been a resounding “NO!”

Avon’s positive culture, variety of products, and steadfast mentors have helped to steer me through some steep highs and lows. Eventually, it brought me to Central Christian Church which I’ll share in more detail in the next month.

For now, it’s important to know that pain is a part of living and can teach us more than we think. You may have friends or family who come to mind as you read or listen to what I’m saying.  If you do, or even know someone who wants to make a good life even better, please connect us.
When it comes to anything else; a question, comment or feedback on what you’re reading, click here or text 480-684-2866. I’m available to listen.


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