Taking on leadership roles for Avon

Wow! 2021 is going out with a bang! With so much to tell you – it’s hard to cover everything with a blog every week. But here it goes.

Recently, I spoke about how Bryan and I shared our success in overcoming homelessness and drug addiction at a new leaf 50-year celebration. This happened on the 23rd of October. And that wasn’t the only thing going on that day! 

Before going on stage in the evening, I started the day with a walk for breast cancer. Avon is the largest corporate sponsor of ACS (American Cancer Society) and this year was no exception. Traditionally, the leadership comes from the corporate office with the local teams working the event. I believed there was a better way to do it.

Back before Covid – I spoke with others about how team leaders (like me) should be leading the event with support coming from corporate. I felt those of us at the “ground level” could make a stronger personal impact. Then Covid hit and as you know, everything was cancelled. But now it’s 2021.

Remember the saying “be careful what you wish for?” Well this year, The American Cancer Society pared down the number of events nationwide. Avon cut participation back to 13 events and focused on high market locations. Tempe is one of those and you probably know what’s coming.

I got the call from my Account Executive about handling the event!

I said yes. (Remember – what is the best that can happen?)With so much planning to be done, I engaged nine other Avon reps (eight of them on my team) with the task to organize the event as we saw fit. Eighteen boxes of tents, banners and giveaways were shipped to my house – and the work began!! My Account Executive did come in from Colorado to support our efforts (which we appreciated) and I’m happy to say we pulled it off together.

So as you can see, my life is flowing with events…plus Christmas is almost here!

I will throw in one more reminder of Avon’s business opportunity that can benefit you and those around you. What a great way to launch 2022!

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