Three ways to get unstuck from the PUC

I have to confess – this week I was going to write about the benefits of collagen – and I promise I will get to it! However, last week’s introduction to PUC makes me feel I should explain it more without delay. 

If you’ll recall, PUC stands for Pain, Uncertainty and Chaos. Coined by Craig Groeschel (one of the speakers at the Summit) these conditions block the potential for people to grow their leadership skills. It doesn’t mean you have all three. Even one can stop you from growing. What I’m saying is that you do have leadership skills, so please keep reading.

First, let’s define what Pain, Uncertainty and Chaos mean.


The difference between where you are, and where you could be, is often the painful decision you are unwilling to make. We tend to avoid or numb pain with TV, drugs and shopping, etc. All these only mask it. Know that when you make tough decisions, you may get hurt. Ultimately, pain does grow and heal you. 


Our world is uncertain and sometimes it feels like it’s about to fall apart. We live in an environment filled with unforeseen challenges and opportunities. A good leader plans for unforeseen challenges.   A great leader plans for unexpected opportunities. There’s always risk. But when things are uncertain; what’s most important often becomes clear. 


You can have control or you can have growth – but you can’t have both. If you try to control everything, you rob others of the chance to grow. In order to grow we must have chaos. When there’s chaos, great leaders create simple, healthy systems. They don’t obsess about controlling outcomes; they obsess about empowering other leaders.  

I understand how complicated this may sound. As you can see, working on leadership skills is an on-going process. If you need some help on getting started, or have hit a plateau, click here so we can talk. 

Remember, last week I ended with “The hardest person you will ever lead…is yourself.” Growing your leadership skills starts with leading your life. Once you recognize the pain, uncertainty and chaos – and face them head on -you will grow the leadership skills that are already within you. 

And again, everyone around you wins.


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