How one month can bring so many changes!!

I have to say the month of September had some big surprises! I started with leadership skills and how to get unstuck from the PUC – which is the Pain, Uncertainty, and Chaos I introduced back in August. Then I received some feedback from a friend about my blogs. It made me realize I needed to hear more from you. (You can go here if you haven’t had the chance to answer a few quick questions.) I also shared a podcast that has been downloaded by numerous people, even mentioned in a sermon!

There is another event coming up this month, but right now let’s get back on track with developing leadership skills. The following is a big one and I’ll start with a question…

How do you recognize the best outcome of making a change?

I don’t know about you, but in the past I was a ‘worst case scenario’ girl. If I wanted to do something – I always asked “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” It’s a common question when you’re about to do something new or different. Asking the worst case kept me stuck in my comfort zone which prevented me from taking any action. The Global Leadership Summit this past August helped me to flip that script. My biggest take-away from the whole two days was to ask myself “What is the BEST that could happen?”

Here are two examples.

The first is that I worked a long time to grow out my bangs and wore them long for 10 years. When I realized I wanted to cut them off, I looked at the worst case scenario and as a result, I left them long. After the Summit – I asked “What’s the best that could happen?”  The answer was that I would like it!! If I didn’t, it was only hair and it could grow back.

I’m sure you know what’s next. I cut my bangs and I love them! I also get lots of compliments from others. Believe me; the struggle is real when it comes to changing hairstyles.

The second one is still about hair.  Instead of coloring my hair on my own, I’d go to salons and spend over $100 dollars to have it done.  Avon recently launched a new hair color line with no parabens or ammonia.  So far, I know two customers and a few team members who used them and were so impressed, I had to try it for myself.  I watched a quick video, read the directions, and went for it!! I was blown away with how easy and fun it was! Once again, the best did happen!!

If you want to change something in your life and you’re stalling because you’re worried about the worst case scenario, think in terms of the best outcome. If you’re still not sure, I’m here to listen to what you want to do and help you look at it differently.


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