How to feel younger as we age – it’s about control

This month I’m following up on what I started in March about feeling younger now, than I did at 21. It’s about control. More specifically, what I can and cannot control.  As I mentioned in that blog – I am a recovering control freak. Yes, recovering. Not only do I enjoy the successes I’ve already achieved, I continue to relish the ongoing process. Here’s how.

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First, let’s remember that age is a number on your birth certificate. Despite the millions of dollars we spend on products to slow physical change, we can’t totally control what happens to our bodies. We also can’t control what other people think and do. The power that we do have is over our mental well-being. Looking back on my story; at 19, I struggled with everything. I tried to control myself, my circumstances, and everyone around me. It was exhausting and it made me feel old. Fortunately, I’ve learned how to change that.

For example, helping or enabling others. We love to think we are doing the right thing by helping. In the past, I took responsibility for others and did what they should have been doing for themselves. I speak from experience about how challenging is it to set a boundary. In other words – when to take control – or give it up. I always have to ask myself – am I empowering or enabling?

Letting go of things and people we cannot control is frightening. It feeds our sense of failure. Yet when we learn how to determine where our influence begins and ends, we become free.  This is where TEA comes in. It’s an accumulation of all the education I have taken to give people a jump start to the freedom they are craving.

I truly celebrate turning 55 because I learned how my thoughts guide my emotions that in turn – influence my actions, I understand what I CAN control. That freedom continues to make me feel better every day. If you, or anyone you know feels overwhelmed by life or simply wants to try a new perspective, contact me HERE, or call/text me at (480-684-2866).


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