How to REALLY make 2024 and beyond – different.

Joyful  January!

In reflecting over my end-of-the-year blogs, I realized that I had thrown a lot at you – and did it at a very busy time! I hope your holiday season was a warm and joyful one. Then again, maybe yours included some heartbreak. If so, I can empathize with you. No matter how much we do; no matter how sincere our feelings are; sometimes life is simply hard.

This is why it’s so important to forge ahead and beginning this year, I have something very special to share with you.

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In November I introduced TEA – my 4-week course in understanding how our Thoughts guide our Emotions, which in turn, influence our Actions. I know that if you have followed me, you’re aware of how my faith has had a tremendous impact on my life.  While Boundaries is something I discovered at Central, the lessons I learned are universal regardless of any personal beliefs. When it comes to TEA, I created this course based on my personal education and experiences. This is NOT a faith-based program, but a human based one. I specifically consulted with several experts to ensure it speaks to individuals who truly want to make a difference in their lives.

There are so many people who struggle with relationships, how to say no, and continue to be uncomfortable with their emotions. For a small investment of money and time, TEA not only helps them recognize those issues holding them back, it will give them very specific actions and ideas to make the changes they need in their lives.  It is short, sweet and impactful.

Even if you don’t need this, chances are you know someone who does – so please share it with them. I’m available by phone or text at 480-684-2866. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may still have.

And now that you are REALLY ready to pursue your dream of being the Best and Beautiful you that you were created to be, click here.


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