2023 – A wrap-up of the year and start to 2024

Can you believe it???  – this is my last blog for 2023! If you’ll recall, January started with the idea of determining a word to be our guide, rather than setting resolutions. What word did you pick and how did it guide you through the year? If you did not do this, what stopped you? Personally, I started choosing a ‘word of the year’ many years ago which has worked well. I have my word for 2024 and I’ll share it in a moment.
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First, in review of this past year, some of my topics included communication, i.e. when to make a change or stay the course; and the fact that we are all influencers. I sincerely hope that these blogs have helped you continue your journey to becoming the best and beautiful you that you were created to be.
Last month I introduced my new course, TEA: a 4-week course designed to address opportunities we all face.  Like…
Struggling to find enough time for ourselves,
Saying “no” when it’s appropriate,
Struggling to find joy in everyday life, and…
Wrestling with feelings we don’t know how to handle.
This is precisely why I’m offering my course. The first week starts with personal thoughts because everything we do and feel – starts with our thoughts. The second week is about emotions and boundaries. Week three goes more in-depth with boundaries and relationships. The last week is about self-care and how to take the best care of you.
As I shared last month, I will offer it three times a year in person in Mesa, and three times a year via Zoom. No matter what your schedule is, or how busy you are, take advantage of this opportunity. You will come away with a workbook, self-reflection questions, and a new way to live life.
My hope is for you to invest in yourself.  Spots are limited so click here to register. Or feel free to contact me here – or by phone at 480-684-2866 with any questions.

This brings me to my word for 2024.

It is “Joyful” … and I chose this over “Happiness,” because happiness is based on happenings. Joyful is a state of mind. It encompasses happenings – plus it’s a glimmer – a thing of hope. What you look for in life is what you’ll find. Glimmers stimulate you to search, rather than passively wait for good things to come your way.

There’s an old saying that lucky people are the ones who actively search for opportunities.  As we close out this year, think about what you want to do with your life. If you are searching for a better adventure, have a dream you want to pursue, then do yourself a favor and register for TEA!

And if you still have questions, feel free to contact me here or by phone at 480-684-2866. Together we can determine if this could be the instrument to pursue who you really want to be!


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